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MUSCI maintains an active research program on the mosses of the Pacific States. In collaboration with the professional community, we assemble collection information to support floristic surveys, conduct field collections, and cooperate in specimen exchanges and determinations. Ongoing projects involve the review of the distribution and abundance of mosses in California, moss flora of the North Bay Area of California (with an emphasis on Napa County), photographing of mosses and their habitats, and development of techniques and protocols for field surveys. MUSCI collaborates on research projects conducted by others by providing supplemental bryological technical expertise. Research activities and specimen curation are coordinated with the Jepson Herbarium and the Herbarium of the University of California at Berkeley.

MUSCI provides bryological consulting services in California. The MUSCI team conducts field surveys to determine species presence and abundance, assesses the effects of land management practices on mosses, and designs and implements monitoring studies.

The MUSCI team refers specimens for determination by appropriate specialists, and conducts specimen determination using an on-site reference herbarium, and UC and JEPS.

MUSCI also assesses the rarity and endangerment of mosses in California, consistent with the California Environmental Quality Act (§ 15380). MUSCI holds permits from the California Department of Fish and Game authorizing research on the sensitive moss flora of California.

Current research activities by MUSCI Natural Resource Assessment include:

  • Moss flora of California (in support of research by Jim Shevock and Dan Norris at UC)
  • Moss flora of Napa County, California
  • THE VIRTUAL HERBARIUM: Digital identification keys and supported reference materials for selected genera and species of mosses of California
    • Digital images of selected mosses
    • Natural history of selected mosses
    • Rarity and endangerment of California mosses
  • Floristics and ecology within selected California plant communities
  • Other sources of bryological information
    • Hosted bryological documents
    • Links to California bryological information sources
    • Links to digital bryological images

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