MUSCI Natural Resource Assessment


MUSCI provides professional services interpreting and reporting on the natural resources of California, including environmental analysis and land use assessment.

  • Watershed Assessment
  • Sensitive Species Assessments
    • Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Fish
    • Endangered, Threatened, and Rare Vascular Plants
    • Endangered, Threatened, and Rare Mosses
  • Floristic Surveys
  • Vegetation Analysis
  • Wildlife Surveys
    • Biological Reconnaissance Surveys
    • Wildlife Habitat Assessments
    • Wildlife Census and Surveys
  • Land Use Analysis
    • Site Constraints Assessment
    • CEQA, NEPA, CESA, ESA Reports
    • Timber Harvest Assessment
      • California Registered Professional Forester Services
    • Mitigation Development
  • Watercourse and Riparian Habitat Classification
  • Land Use Permit Assistance
  • Permit Implementation Monitoring and Assessment
  • California DFG Streambed Alteration Agreements
    • Field Assessments
    • Agreement Development
      • Pursuant to California Fish and Game Code
    • Implementation (Monitoring and Assessment)

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