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The following documents (files) are provided for your information in better understanding bryophytes, including Sphagnum and some lichens. While some files have been created by MUSCI, others are hosted here as a mirror for other sites. Their posting here is a convenience in case the other sites go off-line or the file is remotely deleted. This is a service in progress so will change periodically.

Please note that some files created by MUSCI are copyright by MUSCI. MUSCI file use is subject to reasonable use. Copyrights of files created by others is indicated in each file. Their use is limited as indicated. Additional uses should be requested from the original file creator. Commercial uses of all files are prohibited.

MUSCI is pleased to host files with reference value to bryologists and others interested in bryophytes, especially as they relate to California. Please contact us should you wish to provide additional access to your documents, tables, images or other bryological information on the MUSCI server.

Current hosted documents (files):

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